Traditional Column Radiators

The traditional multi column radiator may look like is something from a by gone industrial era, but these designer radiators have once again become extremely popular.

If your looking for a classic looking column radiator for home, then we have a couple of great options for you to look at.


Save 25% on Kudox Premium Column Radiators

Screwfix are currently offering 25% of the Kudox premium column Radiators saving you up to £25 on the standard RRP price, when you are fitting maybe 6 0r 7 radiators then that can represent quite a saving.

The Kudox premium radiators are standard convector radiators, they come with factory fitted top grilles & Side Panels and is finished to RAL 9010 (pure white).


BTU – What Does it Mean

BTU is the acronym for British Thermal Unit, which is the standard British unit of energy.

To get into the technicalities of it – 1 BTU is equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at its maximum density, which occurs at a temperature of 39.1 degrees Fahrenheit.


20% Off Selected Designer Radiators at Wickes

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Looking to add a little more style to your home than just a bog standard column radiator, well for a limited time only Wickes are offering you 20% off 5 of their designer radiators giving you the chance to choose a designer radiator at the fraction of the cost.


10% Off Wickes Universal Column Radiators

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Wickes stock a fantastic range of central heating products to fit your home from column radiators and fireplaces, fires & surrounds to the pipes required for your all your plumbing needs and right now with Winter fast approaching they have number of great heating & plumbing deals available for you to take advantage of.